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Evoking Stability & Trustworthy Expertise

The Myklebust, Horne, & Fies Financial Group logo puts the identities of the financial advisors at the forefront of the design, calling forth the people behind the business, whose expertise and reliability inspires clients' trust. The MHF logo represents a financial group whose clients need to know their investments and accounts are not only safe, they're ironclad. To convey that stability and reliability, the bold lines of the intersecting letters are securely connected, like steel trusses.

Initially, their rebrand scope was limited to a new logo, but through my research process and brainstorming I identified that their name could be shortened to MHF, resulting in a new brand identity for client beyond just their logo. This project challenged me to adhere to Northwestern Mutual's corporate branding guidelines, impacting the sizing constraints and color choice, as well as the logo lockup variations.

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