Rockway Pottery

Handmade Art Grounded in Function

I'm the creative brains behind Rockway Pottery's brand and marketing. I'm a creative and marketing jack-of-all-trades for Rockway, running the marketing strategy, social media, website, and print content. Basically everything other than the pottery itself.

This ranges from
-posting on Instagram
-creating video content for Reels
-designing print signage for events
-art directing photoshoots.

Without me, Rockway Pottery would be beautiful handcrafted pottery, but no one would know about it!

Growth Through Authenticity

An Instagram reel I created went viral the week of July 3, 2022 resulting in over 41 million views and a follower increase to 30.5 thousand. We've seen direct correlation between online sales and our jump in audience views and follows, with online sales and custom inquiries increasing.
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